Taiping Houkui (Monkey Picked Tea) by Kucha Tea

Tai Ping Hou Kui from Anhui, China 🤗 ( Purchased from @kuchatea )

Tea Cultivar: Shi Da Cha

Origin: China (Anhui)

Purchased from: Kucha Tea

Taiping Houkui (太平猴魁) Tea Review

This tea is a great tea if you are looking for something fun and different! This cultivar, also known as Monkey picked tea, has some interesting myths surrounding it’s origin. Likewise, the process for making this tea is equally interesting. No, it is not picked by monkeys… but definitely worth looking into!
Light, clean, silky and still very rich in vegetal notes. Great for grandpa steeping!
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tai ping hou kui from kucha tea tea review by the_tea_sensei


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